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At Lally Homes, we are committed to working together to build energy-efficient, purpose-built custom developments, apartments, and homes — all with sustainable, affording living in mind.

                    OUR SERVICES

  Lally Homes is committed to building homes that are accessible and comfortable for everyone. Not only are the homes eco-friendly, they are built with health and wellness in mind and are built to be accessible regardless of homeowners’ disability or challenges.   


  Why Build Green? 

    Energy efficient, sustainable, eco-friendly, green. No matter what you call it, building green is the future of home building and custom building development. From its benefits for the home owners, the immediate community and the planet at large, building green is fast becoming the preferred choice for new homeowners and developers alike, and Lally Homes is excited and committed to provide this service in Niagara. Building green means that we incorporate eco-friendly and sustainable materials into building construction and design thus leaving a smaller environmental footprint. Besides being environmentally friendly, green homes are pocket friendly as they can save you hundreds of dollars in energy consumption over the year.  Currently, our buildings are 7% better than the minimum building code but we have a target to be at least 17% better. This means increased home safety and efficiency which also helps the environment. Building green is going beyond a luxury to become a necessity due to weather trends and projections from higher emissions.  Lally homes is committed to a 17+% performance improvement in green housing because we want to ensure that we deliver the best possible housing to our customers at the least possible cost to the environment.   

 Project Management

Imagine building your own home? We can help you realize your dream home from start to finish. Our experience in understanding the Ontario Building Code, and Safety Standards scheduling, budgeting and finding the best practices, trades and supplies will assist in making good decisions. Everyone wants to avoid expensive and time-sensitive mistakes. We offer the services of our planners, developer, architects, engineers, designers, project managers, site superintendents, accountants, and clean-up crew. Our years of experience allow us to guide you along the home-building process. Schedule a meeting to discuss how we can work together with you - guiding the process and managing the work. You are still the owner/builder and we provide the experts to assist with the design, budget, schedule and inspections from start to occupancy.


Health and Wellness Housing

  Wellness real estate is a $134 billion global market in 2017 projected to grow to $198 billion by 2022. The sector grew at an annual rate of 6.4 percent from 2015-2017.  Wellness real estate represents 1.5 percent of the total annual global construction market and about half the size of the global green real estate industry. Wellness is the new luxury when it comes to real estate and more than ever, technology that improves human biology in housing has become very important.  Recognizing the importance of wellness when it comes to housing, our team continues to train and improve to deliver value not only aesthetically but health-wise. Truly, our combination of eco-friendly technology, advanced mechanical technology and unique contemporary design make Lally Homes unmatched. Lally Homes is your partner for affordable, unique, healthy homes.  


    Regardless of disability or physical limitations, you can still enjoy one of our custom builds. Lally Homes designs our custom-built properties and developments following the Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation’s (CMCH) requirements for accessibility. Based on these requirements, our builds have clear floor spaces, visual fire alarms, high ceilings, accessible washrooms and balconies and more.