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With many decades of experience in developing apartments and land in Niagara, Lally Homes has built several homes and developed communities in Niagara.

Our homes are built to be eco-friendly and energy efficient. Our range of design plans are available for you to choose from to ensure that we are building the right home for you. We also have communities of move-in ready homes for your convenience.

We are just one contact away from getting started on the journey to bring your dream home to life.


When a client approaches Lally Homes wanting to do a land development project there are numerous ways in which this can happen:

  1. From the start we work with the local planners to obtain the proper zoning – attending council meetings, providing documentation and presentations.
  2. Our team takes the recommendations and requirements from the city/town planners and council meetings to determine the plan of action to achieve the desired zoning requirements.
  3. Our Engineering associates will provide the studies such as financial feasibility, appraisals, environmental, noise, archeological and many others to meet the required recommendations for zoning.
  4. There is a preliminary design, site plan and renderings drafted by our forces and a preliminary project costing submitted along with it that the client reviews and a contract is structured.
  5. Applications for Demolition and Construction are prepared for Buildings/Planning Department. Feedback from the local planners will determine what additional studies or clearances that will be required.
  6. Our team will provide the drawings, engineering reports, insurance certificates and clearances from the utility companies to proceed with demolition or construction.

Lally Homes, along with the input and requirements of the landowner, will discuss a set management fee to proceed with the project. An estimate of time and cost will be provided to the customer. The project is priced “Open Book” with a set management fee for Lally Homes management in the overall price.


Lally Homes has specialized in being a steward of the lands for more than 30 years. We believe that each project selected is developed to its highest and best use for land development.

We aim to create net-zero-energy buildings that minimize our dependency on mechanical heating – but are also comfortable, ecological, and affordable.

    • Working with Enbridge Energy Savings Design team to build high-efficiency projects
    • Use of the natural environment to enhance the building rather than destroy it. Replacing or repurposing a property, building, or parking lot has a better environmental impact.
    • Safe disposal of demolition materials done with least impact to environment
    • Working with amazing designers to produce an integrated design for higher impact cost efficiency.
    • Promoting sustainability and healthy homes using non/less toxic products
    • Material used are evaluated for cost, availability, performance & environmental impact
    • Using quality materials stored properly to avoid mold
    • Careful consideration/avoidance of chemicals
    • Durability and resilience – sometimes it’s worth a bigger initial investment if the product stands up to the test of time and weather.
    • Comfort is more than just thermal comfort – acoustics, visual, materials, air quality, and lighting
    • Exceeding building code standards to improve comfort and wellbeing of occupants
    • Keeping dirt out of HVAC
    • Minimizing construction dirt accumulation
    • Cleanup of buildings – clean and dry
    • If it runs or flows – efficiency comes first